Daredevil Employee Hijacks Passenger Plane, Crashes It After F-15 Chase


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A daredevil employee did the unthinkable when he stole an empty passenger plane at SeaTac International Airport

The employee went on to crash it after a chase and a barrel roll, into an island on the Puget Sound, confirmed the airport on Friday.

The airline affected, Alaska Airlines, tweeted about the incident stating, “We are aware of an incident involving an unauthorized take-off of a Horizon Air Q400. We believe there are no passengers on board.”

According to reports, in a bid to retrieve the plane, F-15s were deployed and the plan was to intercept the Passenger plane and compel the rogue employee to land it.

According to online outlet, The Daily Beast, the U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Ali Flockervi confirmed that FAA called Sector Puget Sound to report that a plane had been taken from SeaTac. “There was a plane flying around Puget Sound,

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“Then… there was a large plume of smoke that may be related to the plane.” she said

The passenger plane was crashed into an island called Ketron

Thankfully the island was only home to a little over 20 people

According to the News Tribune, Ketron has “no gas station, store, mail delivery or refuse pickup,

“The only public access to the island is via a four-times-daily Pierce County ferry from Steilacoom.” the paper reported in 2015

According to the Daily Beast, an islander who wished to remain anonymous said of the incient, “We were just cooking dinner and we heard an explosion and saw a bunch of military planes,

“We thought it was some kind of test exercise and just dismissed it.”

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