Dash cam footage saves Tesla owner from expensive lawsuit

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Tesla Dash Cam has saved a  TMC forum user from an expensive lawsuit after a motorcyclist bashed into the user “rajetta” from he back the reaction threw the motorcyclist skidding across the highway.

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The motorcyclist walked away from it but then sued, claiming damages for reckless driving.

He shared the video three months ago and shared it again after the case was in his testimony of how the technology had saved him thousands of dollars in a lawsuit. In a story, he published as a testimonial for his Tesla’s technology features he described the incident he published the video again now that the story is out of court.

Tesla dash cam saves driver from law suit

Without the footage, with all evidence and eyewitnesses account he would have lost the case.

Car dash cams have seen various applications mostly involving accident footages and viral videos of some government officials’ misconduct at work, and sometimes random incidents of vandalism but this TMC forum account owner may be the most relieved of them all.

Tesla dash cam saves driver from law suit

The incident happened at a time before Tesla upgraded its cars with a rear camera feature but there was enough in the footage to save him from indictment.



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