DasukiGate: Jonathan Should Be Arrested, He is Not Bigger Than Nigeria – Former PDP Chieftain


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Senator Joseph Waku, a foundation member of the Peoples Democratic Party and former member of the party’s Board of Trustees has said that former President Goodluck Jonathan should be arrested for his involvement in the $2.1 billion arms scandal because he is not above the law.

Waku during an interview with Daily Sun said the arms scandal also known as DasukiGate is the shame of the nation.

He said “It is very shocking and disgraceful, most especially when you look at the caliber of people involved. Look at the names that Dasuki has been mentioning as beneficiaries of the loot. These are people that Nigerians until now look up to with respect. Tanko Yakassai, Tony Anenih, Haliru Bello, people who are supposed to be role models, now turning into looters. It is a big shame. I’m highly disappointed with these people.

“What still baffles me is this, what constitutional power did Dasuki have to withdraw and disburse public money to few individuals? Dasuki is not an official or treasurer of PDP. Even in his role as the National Security Adviser, he lacked the power to share and dis­tribute the money the way he did.

“What Dasuki did was not only criminal, but it is also illegal. I’m surprised that former President Goodluck Jonathan has chosen to keep quiet. Please he should be told that in this case, silence is not golden for him at all. It is even unfair that up till now nobody has deemed it fit to ask Jonathan questions including security agencies.

Waku who insisted that Jonathan should be arrested and quizzed but Economic and Financial Crimes Commission said “Is Jonathan bigger than Nigeria? Will Jonathan be the first former president to be investigated or quizzed over corruption? We should be able to draw a line between sentimentalism and patriotism. To me, asking Jonathan to speak out or being quizzed is an act of patriotism. Asking that he should be left alone is sentimentalism.

“How can they leave Jonathan alone? He is a central and key figure in this scam. Dasuki has been mentioning his name repeatedly, and let’s look at it this way, can Dasuki do anything on his own without the consent and approval of the president and the commander-in-chief? It is very unfair to detain Dasuki, while Jonathan remains a free man.

“Jonathan should be arrested now. He should be quizzed and if he is found culpable let him be put on trial. If he is eventually found guilty, he should be sent to prison. Yes, Jonathan should be sent to prison if his hands are not clean, heaven will not fall if he is jailed. He will not be the first former president to be jailed. There are several other examples and instances across the world.”

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