Davido Joins The Movement Seeking to Free Suspected Yahoo Boy From Custody

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Nigerian singer Davido has joined in with the voices calling for the release of a suspected yahoo boy that goes by the street name,  “606”

606 was one of the boys raided at a Lagos club by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission on the suspicion of being a Cybercriminal.

In a lengthy post on Instagram yesterday, an acquaintance of 606 pleaded his innocence also noting the double standards of society.

He said in his post: Today makes it 1 week and 1 day that @606autos was arrested by the men of the Economic and financial crimes commission (EFCC) at Awolowo road ikoyi and proper investigations have been carried out but still nothing found on him but he is still remanded in EFCC custody for reasons best known to them.

I have seen people campaign for others but nobody is campaigning for the freedom of 606 and I ask myself why? Is it because he’s not an artiste but just an ordinary businessman and also the reputable #PLUGOFNIGHTLIFE and #ENGINEROOMOFAUTOS

There are men out there walking freely but they’ve embezzled public funds and spent money meant for the development of the society on going for exotic trips and vacations abroad with their friends & family but nobody is questioning them or putting them in custody but a noble businessman of great repute is being held custody without any just reason I am not saying this because he has affected my life positively I saying this because his human rights is been trampled upon.

To deny people of their human rights is to challenge their very humanity – Nelson Mandela
I watched the #freemeek tag trend but nobody is speaking up for 606 and it is a shame to the men & women of nightlife in Lagos and in Nigeria but what do I know? I am just an ordinary Hypeman with so much energy to handle a party crowd
He has a family he has loved ones and he also has got his business to run please #FREE606 #FREEOURPLUGOFNIGHTLIFE #FREEOURENGINEROOMOFAUTOS”

Davido joined in, taking to his Twitter to simply say, “Free 606!!!”





Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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