Declaration Of Indefinite Strike By ASUP YABATECH Chapter, An Irrational Decision Lacking Respect For Student Career Progression

Owolabi Oluwasegun
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Making an unequivocal position on the deceleration of indefinite strike by the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnic Yaba College of Technology Chapter became imperative of our leadership, the action is presumed to be callous on the students who are preparing for the first semester examination.

Going by our wide consultation with all structures including the regional Secretariat of West Africa Polytechnic Student’s Union WAPSU, the apex leadership structure in the Region, it is deem necessary we assert to ASUP that our role in the system is beyond learning but equally a key Stakeholder in the sustainability of peace and harmony in the sector which is a pivot for attaining an hitch free academic session for student, staff management and the polytechnic community at large.

Mutual respect of every group interest with due consideration is expected, in absence of these we hereby condemn the decision of the union to declare an indefinite strike action over one month unpaid allowance as it reflect no better understanding of the union’s purposeful leadership rather a deliberate attempt to frustrate the student and the system entirely. Aside the fact that student examination Commence soonest the justification for this act remain unjust as we believe equally the union must have boycotted her National Leadership approval for this action as past and present National Leadership of ASUP as displayed in several occasion high respect for student constituency which always ensure tangible reasons for any strike action if it must be declared.

We expect the union to kick start pressure on Federal Government to see to immediate implementation of National Council On Establishment is sat 39th Meeting Resolution which seek to halt permanently the dichotomy between HND and BSC in civil service and possible the autonomy for polytechnics to award B.Tech rather than this show of shame.

Our investigation has reveal that this situation is not only limited no peculiar to only Yaba college of Technology but almost all Federal Polytechnic in Nigeria so why Yaba Tech ASUP in hurry. The hurry declaration of indefinite strike therefore brought forth question of sincerity and conscience of the chapter chairman to the system most especially the student community.

We wish to clearly state that one month unpaid allowances with 100%paid salary does not worth holding thousands of Nigerian Polytechnic student to ransom by declaration of indefinite strike by any Union except on selfish interest which lack moral, constitutional and legal backing nor student solidarity.

It is also imperative we remind the chapter to source alternative means for pressing her demands from either Federal Government or the Management Authority aside industrial action as we student will not continue to be a bait for any Union in academic setting to catch it’s fish any longer. We have some thing meaningful to do with our lives, our graduation is essential and prerequisite for our career development.

The question of integrity we wish to throw out is as follows

If ASUP is embarking on strike for one month unpaid allowance, who should Nigeria Polytechnic students in the college turn to for payment of their extended house rent, utility bill, cost of feeding and most importantly time unnecessarily injured out of Union lack of understanding? We hereby implore, appeal and eulogise the ASUP Yaba Tech chapter to suspend the unjustifiable indefinite strike and resume work with immediate effect while we pledge our support and solidarity as usual for the union to mount pressure on Federal Government of Nigeria to resume the allowance payment in due course among other pressing matter’s that affect our sector.

We shall be available to smoothing the peace talk between the union and college management in no distance time while anticipating official resumption of work in Yaba College of Tech latest before Wednesday.

We call on management to embrace dialog with the union to fast track the peace and restoration of academic activities in the college.

Aluta continua Victoria Ascerta.


Comr Olugbode Damola Hammed.
National PRO NAPS

Comr. Oyeniyi Abdulmajeed
Deputy Senate President NAPS

Comr. Adekanbi Sunday Speaker WAPSU


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