DeGeneral: “Is damaging properties and beating up suspects a part of your job?” Mr Macaroni asks NDLEA


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Popular comedian and actor, Debo Adedayo aka Mr Macaroni has faulted the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for allegedly brutalising a comedy skit maker, Sunday Martins aka DeGeneral.

The Herald earlier reported that NDLEA operatives stormed the comedian’s Lagos home early Wednesday morning.

One of the occupants of the apartment recorded an Instagram Live video, which ended after a physical struggle ensued, with the NDLEA operatives verbally reprimanding the occupants and ordering them to lay on the ground to be handcuffed.

Earlier, one of the NDLEA operatives could be heard expressing displeasure with the occupants for recording them.

The Punch quoted the spokesman of the agency, Femi Babafemi as confirming the arrest of the comedian.

“He’s a skit maker. Drugs were recovered from his house. We will issue a detailed statement on the arrest shortly,” Babafemi said.

Reacting to the incident on Twitter, Mr Macaroni condemned the rough handling of the occupants of the home as shown in the Instagram Live video.

He equally berated the NDLEA operatives for asking not to be recorded, noting that the current security situation warranted it.

Mr Macaroni wrote, “It breaks my heart to see young Nigerians being brutalized every now and then.

“No one is saying u shouldn’t do your job. But is damaging properties and beating up suspects a part of your job? Is it? Why do things have to be this way all the time?

“You come into my house in the middle of the night and you expect me not to record what’s happening? Knowing fully well the level of insecurity? If you have nothing to hide, why don’t you want to be recorded? Of course we know why. We can see you brutalizing them in the video.

“One of the videos recorded showed an officer calling one of the suspects “Small Yahoo Boy”. So apparently, the suspects are no longer suspects in the eyes of the officers. They have already being tried and convicted by appearance. How is this fair or just?

“Nigerian Police go do their own, EFCC go do, NDLEA go do their own… small time now e fit be Traffic warden wey go come break our door for middle of night to oppress and harass us. Crime: Just be A Nigerian Youth.

“We don’t even see most of the oppression and brutality that Nigerian youths suffer. We see some only because the person is popular or has enough courage to make a video. A lot of Nigerians have suffered greatly for nothing!!!”

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