Democrat President arrested for Child Pornography


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Jacob Schwartz, a 29 year old Democrat activist, president of the Manhattan democrats and vice president of the New York State Young Democrats was arrested in May, 2017 for allegedly possessing child pornography, according to The New York Post.

Detectives from the NYPD computer crimes division commenced an investigation 6 months ago when Schwartz surrendered his laptop, over 3000 images and 89 videos showing nude girls as young as 6 months old performing sexual acts with adult men. He was reported to have downloaded these contents from the internet.

Schwartz was released after paying $7,500 bail.

His appointment as the President of the Manhattan Democrats has since been terminated after his arrest. A statement from Manhattan Democrats states that the organization was “shocked” by the allegations and said he was no longer a member of the board.

He was also fired from his job as a computer analyst for the city department of design and construction


The young democrat activist “founded the New Democratic Alliance and worked for the Obama presidential campaign in 2012 as a field organizer in Lehigh Valley”, Pa.

Schwartz also founded the nonprofit group; common climate.

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