Denmark Says Museums, Cinemas to Reopen in June as Virus Fears Ease



Danish politicians have agreed on a third phase of easing coronavirus measures from June, including reopening cinemas, museums and theatres.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen’s government of Social Democrats announced the moves on Friday after talks with the other parties in parliament.

As of June 8, the ban on public gatherings was to be revised; allowing 30 to 50 people at most to gather, giving more leeway for weddings or confirmations. At present, the limit is 10 people.

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“The parties agree that, if the reopening causes the corona epidemic to flare up, then the reopening plan will be adjusted,’’ Frederiksen said.

Under a fourth phase set for early August, nightclubs, swimming pools and gyms were due to reopen.

Gatherings for more than 500 people would be banned until at least August 31.

No date has been set for a possible reopening of Denmark’s borders, but the government was to offer details by June 1, at the latest.

It is currently in talks with its neighbours.

Denmark closed its borders in mid-March as part of measures to stem the spread of the virus.

The country had recorded 514 Covid-19 deaths as of Thursday.

Politicians agreed Thursday on a second phase. Shops including supermarkets were to reopen as of Monday, and a week later on May 18 classes from grade 6 to 10 as well as cafes and restaurants were to reopen.

Libraries, churches and other houses of worship would also be allowed to reopen on May 18.

Kindergartens and schools up to grade 5 were reopened in a first phase in mid-April.

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