Depite Rigging, AD Will Still Win APC in Lagos Election- Candidate


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The Gubernatorial candidate for the political party, AD, Chief Owolabi Salis, has said that he will defeat the APC in Lagos, despite the latter’s rigging.

Salis is up against the APC’s Babajide Sanwo-Olu and the PDP’s Jimi Agbaje.

He spoke at a  political stakeholders forum organised by the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria

Salis revealed that 2019 will be his third time trying to win the elections and that were it not for some great people in his life, he would not have run again.

“This is a people versus an individual contest. AD is a conglomerate of credible people from PDP, APC and the original AD. What we want to do is to stop all these nonsense. The commonwealth is in the hand of one person and we want to stop it. We want to stop all the thuggery, violence and misuse of resources. We want to take the resources of this state and put them in the hands of the people.

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“We have been going to the grassroots and mobilising the people. We are going to win this election. This election, we are winning it. We have a limitation though. And the limitation is rigging and vote-buying and we have been campaigning against them. If there is a free and fair election, we will win it.

“These people are not doing anything. In the last 20 years, have these people built houses for the less privileged? For health, what are they doing for the poor? Many people are dying. Go to the general hospitals and see the discrimination against the poor. In education, I still saw some pupils in Apapa carrying chairs on their heads to school. Pupils are still sitting on the floor in classrooms.” he said

“If they follow it up with serious people, they will see that APC has not been winning elections; they have been rigging them,” he added

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