Desperate Lagos Gold Digging Babes Exposed On Social Media

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The shenanigans of two shameless and unscrupulous gold diggers has been exposed on social media after one of their victims was able to learn of their scheme before the gold digging duo were able to extract any gold.

One of the ladies had met a young Nigerian man who drives a Mercedes Benz and Toyota Prado, however before she knew of his garage or indoor jacuzzi, she had passed him off to a friend named Mosun due to her own retinue of boyfriends which made her schedule busy.

Upon learning of his wealth, the ladies began concocting a scheme to trap the young man with some oils procured from a baba, and had skirted the possibility of tying him down with a pregnancy.

The ladies whose identities were not revealed, had their chats leaked after the potential victim found the phone of his assailant lying around carelessly.

See the evidence below:




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