Did Eminem Just Murder MGK? Twitter Reacts to Latest Diss Track


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Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem, released a dis track slamming Machine Gun Kelly which has gone viral worldwide.

The diss track, which was released yesterday, already has 25 million views on YouTube and has been the talk of the social media space over the past several hours.

Eminem had already released Kamikaze in which he went in on a number of rappers and others who had criticized his previous album, Revival, and among them was Kelly who he dissed in 3 lines.

The rapper didn’t take it lying low and he came back for Mathers in a response track which he called ‘Rap Devil’ and in it he mocked Eminem about his age and his recent work which he said wasn’t as good as it used to be.

The proclaimed ‘Rap God’ was initially angry at MGK over comments the latter made about Mathers’ daughter Hailey. This was why he came for MGK in the first place.

Following MGK’s response, Eminem decided to put out a full song in which he takes on the rapper and attempts to gain dominance in the beef.

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The song, Killshot, zeroed in on MGK and his perceived lack of relevance as opposed to that of Mathers.

Twitter has been agog ever since the song came out with people for and against Eminem.

Celebrities like 50 Cent and Bizarre are firmly on Eminem’s side while rappers like Iggy Azalea are against the Rap God even going as far as saying his bars were weak.

You can check out some of the responses below







Who do you think had the better diss?

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