Disgraced Police Officer Derek Chauvin Still Eligible For Over $1 million Pension


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George Floyd’s killer, former Police officer, Derek Chauvin is reportedly still eligible to receive over $1 million in pension benefits during his retirement years.

According to CNN, even tho Derek Chauvin is charged with George Floyd’s murder, he will be eligible to file for his pension benefits as soon as he turns 50.

While a number of state laws allow for the forfeiture of pensions for those employees convicted of felony crimes related to their work, Minnesota law does not allow authorities to revoke pensions from government employees convicted of felony crimes related to their job.

Retirement plan officials said that employees terminated voluntarily are eligible for future benefits unless they choose to forfeit their future benefit and receive a refund of all their contributions made during their employment.

“Neither our Board nor our staff have the discretion to increase, decrease, deny or revoke benefits, Any changes to current law would need to be done through the legislative process.” A spokesperson told CNN.

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Also, it seems another police officer, involved in George Floyd’s murder will be eligible for pension however the remaining two won’t be eligible as they were new in the job before the incident.

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