Disgruntled Customer Calls Out Jumia on Facebook for Price Gouging Practice


An angry customer has taken to social media to call out Jumia for price gouging. Jumia is one of the biggest online stores in the country and this is not the first time they are being called out for this practice.

“This beautiful Sunday morning, I want to call out Jumia on their bullsh**”


The customer, Teniola Esan alleged that he had decided to order for a shirt on the company website which was put at about N4, 600 which she decided to order and pay for the next day. On logging into the site again, she saw an advert for Jumia’s sixth year anniversary in which discounts were promised on products being sold at the online store which influenced her decision to wait patiently so she could buy at a discount.

To her greatest shock and surprise however, when the purported time for Jumia’s anniversary came and she tried to buy the same shirt, it had gone up to 6,495 from 4600 a week earlier when there was supposed to be a discount.

Uncles and aunties, that’s how I went to check the shirt again o, and the price has gone up from N4600 to 6, 495…”

She wondered why the shirt would be more expensive in a period of discount than when it was not on discount originally.


Now that the Jumia 6th anniversary is on, they have put a price slash from N9, 495 to 5700. Is price slash not supposed to be from the original N4600? Or at worst a slash from N6495? When was it ever N9,495?Oga Jumia! Apostle must hear this!”


The customer regretted calling out Jumia stating that she like to patronize Nigerian businesses as a way of making them grow. She was however tired of Jumia’s practice of price inflation especially during supposed discount periods and this was one too many.

This is not the first time Jumia will be embroiled in a situation like this. Most people speculate that they inflate prices during discount days; especially black Friday sales.


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