62-Year-Old Doctor Who Delayed Retirement To Help Treat COVID-19 Dies Of Virus



A New York doctor, James Mahoney, has died of coronavirus after halting his retirement to actively participate in treating COVID-19 patients at his hospital.


According to report by Fox News, Mahoney worked tirelessly as a pulmonary and critical care physician at University Hospital of Brooklyn during the day and Kings County Hospital Center at night.


He was urged by colleagues and family to proceed with his retirement over concerns of the higher risks that he may suffer as a result of his age, but he refused, insisting that he had to help.


Mahoney however got infected by the disease and has lost his life to it.


Purna Atluri, a gastroenterologist who worked with Mahoney for over 20 years, said:


“He was handling patients and codes [patients needing intensive intervention] every five to 10 minutes. “He was doing everything he could.”


The Guardian gathered from a neurologist and one of Mahoney’s colleagues, Julien Cavanagh, that “He’s one of our legends — he’s one of our giants.”



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