Doctors confirm Alexandra Ossai’s baby major victim of Lebanese boss’s brutality


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Alexandra Ossai might have endured immense cruelty and wicked violence at the hands of her Lebanese employer but it was the baby that received the swift kick of death.  Dr. Abdulkareem Shehu of Mercy Hospital was Ossai’s primary care giver after the assault. He confirmed that the baby was dead on arrival.

He told Punch, “I am friends with Ossai’s family; I have known them for a while. On the day of the surgery, I got a call around 3am from her elder sister that Ossai was bleeding. I was surprised. Bleeding during pregnancy was bad, so I told them to bring her to my hospital.

“Ossai was in grave pains and was losing blood. I had to call my surgeon to come in. There was no time to refer Ossai to another hospital; I was afraid that she would give up on the way.”

Alexandra developed complications days after a kick to her 7 months pregnant stomach by Kaveh Noine, her Lebanese manager. He compared her to an animal before delivering the kick in what had been a routine practice of habitual employee maltreatment. This time her conceived yet unborn baby paid the ultimate price.

The surgical team removed clotted blood and a shattered placenta from Alexandra who suffered from a condition the medical profession terms Placenta Previa or Placenta Abruptus.

Shehu said, “Only two things might have caused this situation; it is either she was involved in an accident or she was involved in a fight with someone.

“Her baby was brought out dead. Immediately Ossai’s placenta disengaged from the uterus, there would be no blood supply to the baby so it died. We had to give her two pints of blood because of what she had lost.”

To see the horrific image of the murdered baby, go here. Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised.

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