Doctors now Offer Uterine Transplant to Help Infertile Women Get Pregnant


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With a growing number of infertility cases, a group of Swedish doctors have performed nine uterus transplants after years of research and human trials.

Infertile women born without a uterus, have had surgical removal of the uterus, or uterine damage are the targeted potential recipients of the uterus transplants.

MD, Chair of Ob/Gyn& Women’s Health Institute, Tommaso Falcone said Cleveland Clinic has a history of innovation in transplant and reproductive surgery and will explore the feasibility of this approach for women.

“The exciting work from the investigators in Sweden demonstrated that uterine transplantation can result in the successful delivery of healthy infants.”

The transplant surgery is a ray of hope for women who want to have children but are unable to do so because they lack a uterus.

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