Doctors shocked as Iraqi baby is born with 3 penises

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A baby born in Duhok, Iraq has become a sensation in the world of medical research after he became the first person to be born with three penises.

Information about the boy’s condition, known as triphallia, was published in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports.

The study author, Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali wrote that the little boy’s parents brought him to the hospital at three months old when they noticed a swelling in his scrotum.

Upon examination by doctors, the little boy was found to have two extra penises.

One of them, which was 0.8 inches long, sprouted near the base of the primary penis, and the other, which was 0.4 inches long, protruded from just under his scrotum.

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Luckily, the extra two penises did not have urethras — the tube that urine passes through.

Doctors surgically removed the extra penises in a successful operation.

A follow-up appointment a year later showed that the baby did not have any complications as a result of the removal of the extra penises, Dr Jabali wrote.


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