Domestic Violence: Ex-Boyfriend Shoots and Kills Teenager,17, Set her on Fire

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A Teenager from Dayton, LaShonda Childs was shot and killed by her ex-boyfriend, Trendell Goodwin in a domestic violence case.

According to reports, Goodwin who is 28 years old, claimed that if he couldn’t have LaShonda, no one would.

She was 17

Goodwin had on multiple occasions battered LaShonda and committed several acts of domestic violence and according to her had even set her on fire once.

In a Facebook post from the 21st of September, she said:”Y’all Trenny Mack Stole my phone & set me on fire So if y’all been getting random inboxes or seeing dumb posts report it & if y’all see that nigga call the Police 😒 I’m sick of this shit he on some “if I can’t have her nobody can” weird ass shit”

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In another post from the same day, she said: “All jokes aside tho, everybody want a crazy nigga until he got you hiding & dodging bullets. If you see the signs don’t ignore it y’all. Domestic violence is real not just in movies. This nigga done broke several phones, busted windows out, followed me from my house to wherever, bit me several times, threw me into walls, made me walk places with a gun to my back, put all my stuff in a sewer, held me hostage in a house & didn’t let me leave, sat & waited at abandoned houses & watched me, pulled my whole sew in off leaving bald spots all that, now he done set my hair on fire & shot my house up that ain’t even half the shit he did but I’m telling y’all that ain’t where it’s at If y’all see the signs don’t ignore it i should’ve left that nigga a long time ago now I ain’t even safe in my own house..”

According to, the Teenager called 911 before her death

“This dude got a gun pointed to my boyfriend’s head,” Childs told the 911 dispatcher on Tuesday. “I’ve got a restraining order on him. The police told me to call when I see him. I gave you the address. Can’t you just send somebody out there? I’m scared. He’s got a gun. I can’t talk … I can’t talk. I’m in a bad situation.”

Autopsy reports showed that LaShonda died due to a gunshot wound to the head

Goodwin has had a history of domestic violence and LaShonda had a restraining order against him. He has also been booked into the Montgomery County Jail about 15 times for various offenses starting in 2011.

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