Don’t Be A Victim Of Sweet Sensation’s Plummeting Standards

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Sweet Sensation was one of the first ultra modern fast food restaurants to hit the Nigerian scene.

Their innovation and variety earned them the hearts, stomachs and of course wallets of many Nigerians. However of late, their standards have dropped abysmally. From spoiled rice and beans combo being served on their Awolowo Road, Ikoyi outlet to Ofada rice and sauce (loaded with ponmo and no other real traces of meat) one begins to wonder where did they go wrong?

That is the story of many Nigerian projects and organizations. They start with a bang but fail to maintain their standards and inevitably push their consumers away.

The experience of a consumer who recently patronized them was less than savory prompting this piece.

He wrote;

I ordered two portions of their rice and ofada sauce, hunger forced me to clear mine but my wife was not as enthusiastic due to the abundance of ponmo and little other substance to their sauce.

Historically one would find chunks of beef, liver and maybe even shaki in the ofada sauce, but it seems Buharinomics has forced SS to cut corners.

Earlier today, it was a meeting abruptly planned for Sweet Sensation that caused me to order to takeaway packs, jollof and white rice and beans in separate orders.

It seems SS has joined the league of fast food businesses that store food overnight for unsuspecting diners to eat the next day. The rice and beans smelled spoiled and the plantain was stale.

The N1,000 natural juice was not chilled and there was an actual mint leaf in the bottle. The label read mint but one would expect the contents would be blended as other fresh juices are supposed to be.

I probably spend less than N20,000 in SS in a year being as I am not always in Lagos but never again. It is however a great place to go and have meetings or loiter as you seek refuge from the scorching Lagos sun.

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