“Dont Count A Man’s Children For Him”- 9ice Believes In Large Families


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Popular 38-year-old singer 9ice has dropped some words of wisdom for current families or couple’s to take the next step in their relationship.

Speculation has been surrounding 9ice, when we heard on social media a couple months back that he was about to have his 5th child from another baby mama, that caused bloggers to start referring to him as “Father Abraham” which means man with a lot of children.

Apparently, the rumours are false as he told Saturday Beats there was no 5th child but in the same interview he said ‘there is no crime in having more children.’

“The reports are not true that I am expecting my fifth child from another woman. I have no idea where the report came from, but the truth is that in Nigeria, especially in Yourbaland, there is an adage that says that you don’t count a man’s children for him.

To 9ice having more children is not a crime, but the sad thing is that people would believe what they want to believe.

“I am currently in the studio working on new songs and I am also promoting my new song, Ebami’, but no one would write about that. All they know is to peddle false news about me.”

9ice (38) is a south-westerner from Ogbomoso in Oyo State but he grew up in the district of Bariga in Lagos. 9ice won the award for Best Hip Hop Artist at the MTV Africa Music Awards in 2008.

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