Don’t be covetous, Cleric admonishes Muslims

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Prof. Abdulrahim Lawal, the Chief Imam of Isasi Central Mosque, Ojo, Lagos on Friday enjoined Muslim faithful to shun covetousness, in order not to incur the wrath of Allah.

Lawal gave the admonition during his Jumat sermon at the mosque.

He said that covetousness was devlish and could lead people to other grievous sins.

“Some people feel bad when Allah blesses other people, even if they, themselves, have been blessed in some other ways.

“They always wish to have everything; this is bad.

“Good Muslims should be happy and celebrate with others when they receive Allah’s blessings, so that they too can attract more blessings to themselves,” he said.

The cleric said covetous people could easily commit other grievous sins, if not checked.

“Covetousness can even lead to murder, if not checked.

“Allah distributes blessings to people as He chooses, and no one can query Him.

“The three categories of Muslims whose prayers will not be answered by Allah are those who get their wealth through unlawful means (haram), those who backbite others, and covetous people.

“Muslims will do well to shun covetousness and embrace humility, to enjoy Allah’s blessings and protection,” he added. (NAN)

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