Wives, don’t stop your husbands from cheating- Holy Spirit ministers to Woman

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A woman took to the comment section of the popular love Doctor, Joro Olumofins Instagram page,  to share her views, thoughts and believe on cheating husbands, and her thoughts on how wives should handle the matter.

Although the handle of the woman was blocked for security and safety reasons, it didn’t stop Instagram users from trolling her , as they did not agree with what she said.

She wrote, “Me i love married men. The Rich ones. Their wives do not take care of them. Some wives will be writing Joro and crying. Let God use your Husband to bless someone. He sleeps with them and so. 90% of us women and our mothers have slept with married men.

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This is the message the spirit ministered to me this morning. Wives, do not stop your husbands from helping or having an affair with a young girl. Because you have an affair too. Married wives allow your husbands help”.

People did not take lightly to her post  as they began to share their dismay and annoyance with what she said .

Comments made were against what the lady posted.

Here are some of their comments:




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