Drake Slammed For Calling His Baby Mama ‘A FLUKE’ In New Song


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American rapper, Drake has recently been put on blast by fans after calling his baby mama a fluke in his new song titled ‘When To Say When’

In the song, Drake referred to his baby mama, Sophie Brussaux as a fluke, he said:  “Baby mama fluke, but I love her for who she is”

Although he did not specifically mention her name, fans realized that he most likely meant Sophie since she is his only baby mama.

Drake’s line about his baby mama in his new song comes as somewhat of a surprise considering that although he and Sophie, who is an artist, are no longer romantically involved, they get along well.

Fans wasted no time in expressing their disappointment at the rapper.

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“I just heard that song on the radio where Drake called his baby mama a fluke 💀 he’s a very insecure man,” one tweet read.

I like drake but calling his baby mama a ‘fluke’ ??? You a hoe drake,” another read. “Drake called his baby mama a fluke, I hope he knows that makes him a fluke too. He’s a POS,” a third tweet read.

However, not all of his fans were against him, a few agreed with him and even came to his defense.

One tweeted: “Drake said his Baby Mama a fluke & y’all mad Lol I’m sure he can call her whatever he wants she still smiling & flossing to the bank every month,”

Another felt, “Y’all worried about drake calling his baby mama “fluke” but y’all be getting called bitches and smacked around by y’all boyfriends daily Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy.”

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