The Dreams of Children IDPs In Borno Captured By TY Bello’s Camera


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TY Bello, the prolific photographer who is nowadays more popular for discovering Nigeria’s heartthrob, Olajumoke; recently visited children in Borno in the IDP camps and she was touched by the stories she heard from them. Some were too young to have gone through what they had, one said, “I’m still a little confused. I was asleep when Boko Haram came to our town so I still don’t understand why I’m at the camp.”

Another said, “My name is Hafsat Mohammed. Boko Haram Terrorists came to our town. They killed my brothers and sisters. I now live here at the camp and go to school. I am in primary 2. When I close my eyes I imagine a tomorrow where I’m a doctor and I’m helping other people.”

TY Bello captured the children beautifully with her lens, you can see photos below.






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