Drinking Challenge Turns Deadly After Man’s Bladder Explodes


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A man was rushed to a hospital in serious condition after his bladder exploded during a drinking challenge between friends, according to a statement released by hospital officials in China.

A friendly bet turned tragic for one group of friends during a night out in the club.

The group of friends, who did not see each other for a while, decided to meet up for some drinking at the local bar. Once there, they started drinking one beer after the other.

At some point during the night the group decided to do a pee holding challenge.

It is not clear what was at stake in this particular challenge, but it must have been enormous as one man began to experience severe abdominal pain as a result of his refusal to go the the bathroom. However, despite the pain he continued with the challenge.

Later, it came to the point that the man’s pain was so intense that he could not straighten his body, that is when his friends took him to the nearest hospital.

According to the hospital, as a result of holding his urine, the man’s bladder exploded, causing urine to leak into his abdominal cavity. This injury can be life threatening if not treated.

“Well, just another silly game between men that nearly cost a man’s life. I think the club needs to take responsibility for this as well, as they were certainly aware what was going on and decided to do nothing,” Danielle Kelly, 43, of Tempe, Arizona told reporters after being asked to comment about the man’s exploding bladder.

The man underwent surgery to repair his torn bladder. He also underwent surgery to clean his cavity of urine. He is expected to survive, according to hospital officials.

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