“DSS arrested me because of my Tshirt” – Chido Onumah


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The real reason behind the arrest of Journalist Chido Onumah by Department of State Service, DSS, has been revealed.

Recall the Journalist was arrested upon his arrival at the Nnamdi Azikwe International Airport in Abuja yesterday, after some hours and intervention by his legal Counsel, Mart Obono.

However, Newsmen have uncovered the real reason for his arrest.

According to Vanguard, Chido Onumah who had a dinner appointment that fateful evening, was in the process of making a phone call to his friend to find out the venue of the dinner, when DSS Officers walked up to him, showed their badge and asked to take him in for questioning, in connection to a planned protest.

Onumah who wore a Tshirt with the inscription “WE ARE ALL BIAFRANS” was then taken to DSS Central Abuja where he was heavily interrogated. Onumah was asked about his Nationality to which he replied “I am a Nigerian”

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The Officials further questioned him about the Tshirt he wore and the inscription on it. Onumah was quick to reply it was the title of the book he wrote and told them he had more Tshirts with the same inscription in his luggage.

According to reports, DSS officials found out Onumah was speaking the truth  after running a background check on him.

“They (DSS) now told him (Onumah) that there was an intel they got about some people who were trying to cause unrest and he was picked because of the inscription on his shirt. They told him his shirt’s inscription could trigger unrest and after much dilly daily, he was allowed to take his leave,” the source said.

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