D’usse: The Cognac that has Jay Z and Beyonce ‘Drunk in Love’


Cognac D'Usse Tray

One of the exceptional tracks on Beyonce’s new album is the duet featuring her husband and long time collaborator, Jay Z. The song which is very catchy and captivating centers around a cognac D’usse which Jay Z and Beyonce are drunk off and which leads them to belt out raunchy lyrics that are not meant to be played in the presence of your Reverend or parents.

Now whilst the content of the lyrics of the song are an earful and can warrant a whole article on their own merit, more important is the crux of this article. What is D’usse? and Why does Jay Z refer to it severally in the track? Well if we d’usse so ourselves Jay obviously has an endorsement with the cognac which is prepared by the same folks that manufacture Bacardi.

A 750 milliliter bottle of the Cognac retails for around $45 (less than 8000 naira), and the attention Jay Z gives to the cognac in the video is reminiscent of the attention given Armand de Brignac or Ace of Spade in his ‘Show Me What You Got’ video. Although Jay Z does not spoil Beyonce’s visual album with a bottle of the drink in her video, he does refer to it in his rap about 3, hold up 4 times.

Jay Z and Beyoncé
Scene from ‘Drunk in Love’ video

And thus another pop culture phenomenom is born, clever marketing, if we do say so ourselves.

Go here for a Wall Street Journal article about D’usse.

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