Why Do My Edges Keep Falling Out? Here’s What You Can Do


Imagine having to order a truck load of scarves because you need to hide your literally snatched edges – phew, you’d definitely need one for every outfit.

A lot of us are experts in laying and slaying hairstyles, but do we actually know how to properly care for our hair/hairline?

One thing is for sure, people will always notice your hairline. In fact this is one of the first, most prominent things that people notice in our appearance. Now you do not want to walk the streets looking like you had a hair fight with rats.

Several studies have shown that our front hairs are much more fragile than others, and so, require more delicate treatment. Yet, these same front hairs are the most put to use – we brush them roughly, pull them tightly into buns, and manipulate them into slick staying edges.

Aggressive pulling and tugging of our edges can cause permanent damage to hair follicles and unfortunately we love every styles that have to do with such routines; ponytails, braids etc.

As fate would have it, there are no magic potions that can mysteriously restore your edges in 24 hours. But with time and patience, you can achieve great results.

Here are 4 things you can do to savage the situation of falling edges.

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  • Note the particular type of hair loss you’re dealing with

Traction alopecia is one common type of hair loss caused by the continuous force applied on our hair through over-styling, over-manipulating and pulling. Hair loss can also be as a result of applying relaxer on sensitive scalp and fragile areas like the edges for too long. One more thing, using petroleum-based products with hot equipments can scorch, fry your hairline out.

It is always important to identify the cause of your hair loss before going ahead to find a solution.

  • Reduce your reliance on protective styles

Protective styles like weaves and braids certainly do more harm than good. These ‘protective’ styles are supposed to actually protect the hair but when they come with constant pain, strain, tugging, pulling and discomfort on your edges/hairline, then you need to reconsider. If your hair stylist braids too tight, inform him or her immediately – it could result into terrible and sometimes, permanent hair loss. Avoid making heavy hairstyles that may cause cause strain and discomfort for your scalp. Another thing, make sure to take breaks from wearing wigs as they could tension the scalp and affect your hairline.

  • Be gentle with your hair

Laying your edges can definitely make you look chic, but you need to allow your hair to breathe! Many of us put in extra efforts to make sure that our edges are smooth and slick when in reality you just need to let them be – as curled as they may seem. Be gentle with your hair. Stop brushing and combing them so often. Apply mild products.

  • Check signs for something more serious than ‘breakage’

Traction alopecia can be very serious. Once little bumps start showing up around tightly pulled hairlines, be careful; this is a sign of potential traction alopecia. Visit a dermatologist if you feel your hair loss is too constant and plenteous.


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