Egypt Jails Female Influencers for Dancing in TikTok Videos


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Several young female influencers have been sentenced to Two years in prison for appearing in several Tiktok Videos in Egypt.

Haneen Hossam,20, and Mawada al- Adham,22, were accused of posting indecent dance videos on TikTok by an Egyptian Court in a case which many has described as a crackdown on freedom of expression by authorities.

The court also fined both women 300,000 Egyptian pounds ($19,000) each for what it called a violation of the values and principles of the Egyptian family, inciting debauchery and promoting human trafficking.

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Both influencers were famous on Egyptian Tiktok for their dance videos to Egyptian club pop tracks and had amassed millions of followers.

They also asked young women to share videos and chat with strangers in exchange for money on another platform.

Egyptian authorities however frowned at the TikTok videos, regarding them as indecent, disgraceful and insulting to the country.

According to the lawyer to one of the accused women, Ahmed el-Bhakeri,

“Eladhm was crying in court. Two years? 300,000 Egyptian pounds? This is really something very tough to hear.

“They just want followers. They are not part of any prostitution network, and did not know this is how their message would be perceived by prosecutors,”

She vowed to appeal the judgement.

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