El-Zakzaky: Shehu Sani advises FG on how to handle IMN leader


Shehu Sani, a member of the 8th Senate, has adviced the federal government to allow Ibraheem El-Zakzaky, leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), to get his treatment in his own way.

Sani warned that the government will take the blame, should anything happen to the Islamic cleric.

El-Zakzaky and Zeenat, his wife, both facing trial before a high court in Kaduna state, travelled to India on medical leave.

However, their medical trip had turned sour after El-Zakzaky claimed the situation in India is worse than that of Nigeria, forcing him to decide on returning to the country,

He also refused treatment by doctors different from the ones he had booked an appointment with.

Sani, who was a guest on an Arise TV programme on Thursday, said, “my advice will be to keep a tab on him while allowing his doctors to attend to him. Because in a situation like this involving life and death, whatever happens, if it is not his preferred medical personnel, the government will be blamed,” Sani said.

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“If the Sheikh is sick and says, this is the person that should attend to me, allow that person to attend to him. And make it public that we have taken him to his own doctors.

“But with this insistence that it has to be our doctor and our own hospital, they are getting themselves into trouble.”

Sani noted that, from his experience as a “political prisoner”, whatever happens to a detainee is squarely on the head of those holding him or her.

“In a situation where there is a demand that he should leave the country, they know very well that if anything bad happens to El-Zakzaky, they will be the ones to be blamed,” he added.

“If it is the medical personnel from the side of the government that continues to oversee his health, then the government should be ready to take the blame of whatever that happens to me. But if it is his own medical personnel, then the government will be exonerated from whatever that happens to him.”

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