Electorates are the Unusual Suspects By Israel A Ebije


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We have spent so much time, with rolled up sleeves throwing punches at the elitist class over poor leadership and devastated economy, while electorates have escaped critical lens of analysts.

Ordinary voting public have always assumed the posture of innocent, hapless victims, it is often concluded they have been made poor by politicians to be used only for their vote value. The truth, which is bitter is that electorates have refused to see the bigger picture beyond the mouthful of food in exchange for printing their thumbs on ballots for a politician or political party.

Electorates are yet to realize they have the power to hire and fire leaders through the ballot box.

Compromises made only make them complicit in the nexus of political back-turn experienced in Nigeria. They must learn to take from thieving politicians but vote for competent people, that way vote for money will be discouraged.

It is instructive we ask ourselves that out of the millions of voters currently getting prepared for the 2019 election, how many are real to themselves, patriotic to nation and its success? How many will vote without self centered social or economic interests? Examining the greed of many electorates, it is safe to assert that they have no difference from thieving politicians as everyone seems to have a price.

With elections around the corner, the usual suspects are at it playing scripts to razzle-dazzle gullible electorates. Those on political pilgrimage are already travelling to meet godfathers, those “under pressure to run” are preparing to crack to accept to lead, as one of the contenders has already trekked 800 metres, delivering heavy political mileage among admirers. The real voters are not really on social media, most social analysts do not even have voters card.

These so called analysts however help politicians to nourish already programed minds of real voters on the street, which they harvest during elections.

In 2015, the election that brought in President Mohammadu Buhari was largely adjudged people based. Has been described in most of my analysis as bandwagon votes. A flashback to the June 12 election where late M.K.O Abiola was declared winner, is adjudged free and fair.

In 1999, former president Olusegun Obasanjo was voted in. These elections have similar political build up, which forced Nigerians to vote massively. Decisions of electorates were triggered by eruption of desperation. Nigerians are yet to be systematic, objective in their final resolve to vote their leaders based on ability and not puerile sentiments. As 2019 looms, with desperate, confused and frustrated citizenry will electorates just settle for tokens or be driven by patriotism for constructive reason to effect real leadership change?

Actions of our leaders have shown that electorates have lost value before some class of politicians. Most times the voting public do not count provided a set of notable Nigerians endorse ambition of politicians. This is the reason why we witness frequent pilgrimages to former leaders for blessings. Our leaders have come to realize that voters in Nigeria can be coordinated like sheep’s, once a political, religious or ethnic champion gives approval. To adorn their robe of ambition with assurance, they give money, food items at the point of voting.

The gullible voters simply give away their birthrights, letting plunderers into their prebend for the next four years. The circle continues as simple-minded voters content themselves with food that can only last a day. Citizen voters have failed to realize that no sane government would rig if the bulk of the electorates gravitate towards a party or a candidate, all that cannot make meaning to a token based electorate, this has made rigging very effective. It i time for voters to understand that whoever gives money or food for votes seeks to steal the future.

Religion and ethnicity have become an integral part of our heritage, which our leaders deploy to domicile followers. Nigerians are first affiliated or loyal to their religion and ethnicity to an extent they get blinded by it. It therefore does not matter if a leader is good or bad, provided that person is not seen as representing certain ethno-religious interest. Former president Goodluck Jonathan and president Buhari have emerged in the analysis of many electorates under ethno-religious classifications. Many may die fighting for their ethno-religious interest as Nigerians decide in 2019. These are the
chronic class of voters – a major sickening depth of foolery.

Poverty is another major factor that has made so many electorates so dumb during elections. An electorate is either financially or intellectually poor, but the most pathetic suffers from all forms of poverty. Some educated and seemingly well to do Nigerians are not left out of this category. They have brilliant analysis, yet deploy it for the most unpatriotic purpose. They are comfortable but struggle to greedily nibble on tokens. These class of individuals will flirt with anyone who has the next meal for them – they are the “food is ready” politicians/voters. These class of people either follow leaders of their choice blindly, or follow every political crowd available for crumbs. That is the reason why politicians with means gather thousands spontaneously across party’s. No needs to look further, the crowds are compromised of the same people who have no business with scruples. Electorates must wake up to emancipate themselves from this modern day slavery. They are no loner victims but accomplices.

Ebije can be reached via [email protected] or @ebijeisrael

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