Elephant Charged With Murder Gets Released on Bail


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In a rather unusual story coming from India, an elephant charged with murder has been released on bail. That’s right, an elephant had been arrested.

Techikottukapu Ramachandran (Raman, for short) is well known for being the tallest elephant to live in captivity, seeing how he measures 3.17 meters (10.4 feet) in height. 

According to the Times of India, on January 27, Raman killed three women who were taking part in a festival held at the Perumbavoor temple of Kerala by trampling them.

Raman was immediately taken by forest department officials into their custody, and banned from making any other public appearances which might translate into other people’s being harmed or even killed.

However,  Raman was recently bailed out by his owner, despite the fact that forest officials maintained that he was a dangerous animal and must not be allowed to interact with humans again.

Raman’s owner has agreed to keep him from taking part in any parades taking place during the following three months.

It is to be expected that the elephant will also be examined by a team of veterinarians, which are to decide whether or not he can take part in other festivals at some point in the future.

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