EndSARS: You’re making everybody angry – Aremu Afolayan tells Nigerian politicians


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Popular actor, Aremu Afolayan says the misdeeds of the Nigerian political class over the years bred the present EndSARS protests across the country.

He spoke in an emotional-laden voice in a video he released on Instagram today.

Afolayan said that Nigerians are very angry about the state of the nation.

In the invective-filled video, the actor explained that the anger against policemen should rightly be directed at politicians.

According to him, the politicians underpay the police and military personnel, causing them to extort Nigerians and subvert the cause of justice in order to make ends meet.

He accused the political class of ruining the nation by their greed and primitive accumulation of wealth.

Reacting to the scrapping of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Afolayan said, “I’m so happy SARS has been dissolved. It’s very good and nice. That’s what we want and deserve.

“I’m sorry for the families these wicked SARS have killed all because of bloody money.

“All the money and cars of these boys they’ve taken unjustifiably are blood money. Their blood will ask them.

“I think all the bills the Senate should be passing right now should be about how to pay the police force and the military very well. You need to pay all the forces in Nigeria standard money.

“It’s not about them working for the public. You are f**king working for the public too, you bloody politicians.

“You’re busy wasting Nigerians’ money.

“People pay tax. All the big companies pay tax – both the indigenous and foreign ones. That’s the bloody money that’s meant for Nigeria.

“Big bloody, f**king politicians, you’re there wearing your f**king cap and agbada lying to people and manipulating the truth on television.

“You’re bloody and the blood of everyone will ask you. You’re f**king making everybody angry.”

The actor noted that the so-called scrapping of SARS did not automatically translate to an end to inhumane acts by policemen.

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He called for justice for the families of innocent Nigerians slain by the police through the prosecution of erring policemen.

Afolayan added, “These people (policemen) take corruption as water every day because they do not get due salaries to feed their family.”

Referring to the politicians, he said, “You keep soldiers in barracks and you f**king (sit) on people’s blood and sweat. Nonsense politicians!

“The blood of all Nigerians will ask you. You are unfortunate souls. It won’t be well with you.

“You dissolved SARS like you won’t give them another name.”

He stated that no Nigerian politician deserved to own landed property from being just a politician.

“You the senator, Rep or president or vice president or local government chairman, you own landed property. How dare you have a house? What do you do to deserve to own a house? It’s my house. I’m a bloody actor and smelling.

“Only God helped me to own a business. If I didn’t own a business, I would be at your house begging for food and money.

“The way I’m almost having high blood pressure, that’s the same way your BP will rise. It won’t be well with you.”

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