Eniko Hart Steps Out Sporting Big Bling Amid Marriage Scandal

The Herald NG
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A heavily pregnant Eniko, wife of popular comedian Kevin Hart stepped out to visit an animal hospital in Los Angeles clutching the family’s Doberman Pinscher and rocking her gianormous wedding ring.

This was her first public appearance following Kevin’s public apology to her and his kids regarding a sexually explicit video of him and another woman who is reported to be an escort and former stripper in her mid 20s.

She dressed casually in an army fatigue tracksuit, white t-shirt, and a pair of black sneakers. There was little to no makeup on her face.

The FBI is reportedly investigating to try and unmask the individuals responsible for leaking the tape, especially as there are reports of a multi-million dollar extortion attempt of Mr. Hart by the unscrupulous stripper and her cohorts.

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