Entertainers Who Encourage Crime Should Be Dealt With- Ali Baba


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Veteran comedian, Atunyota Alleluya Akpobome, popularly known as Ali Baba has called on the Economic and Financial Crimes

Commission, EFCC, not to spare entertainers encouraging crime.

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Rather, he urged entertainers to collaborate with the EFCC by using their creative arts to fight against financial and internet crimes in Nigeria by living a life worthy of emulation for young Nigerians, who look onto them as role models.

The entertainer in an interview in Lagos, told the EFCC, “do not spare any of my colleagues in entertainment industry who uses

his or her work of art to encourage internet fraud, popularly known as yahoo-yahoo.”

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Ali Baba, however, instructed his colleagues to use their profession to rewrite the narrative in the fight against corruption and

urged them to stay out of crime adding that the EFCC shouldn’t take it lightly in dealing with entertainers who encourage crime

especially, cyber crime.


ALI BABA says entertainers who encourages cybercrime should be dealt withalibaba vs entertainers

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