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Agriculture faces several challenges today that require innovation to overcome. The supply cost is rising, and consumer preferences are shifting towards transparency and sustainability. The labor shortage is also a significant challenge for the sector. All these problems need practical solutions.

Investment in technology for agriculture has increased substantially over the past ten years. About $2 billion was invested in agrotechnologies last year. Innovation involves many sectors, including automation, robotics, AI, and blockchain. Furthermore, vertical indoor agriculture continues to develop, as well as new practices for modern greenhouse cultivation.

An essential role in modern agriculture is also played by satellite technologies that help to monitor agricultural land and analyze the crop state. Observing the fields with the crop monitoring drone is also possible, but its effectiveness depends on the farmland area. However, companies develop valuable satellite-based farming solutions that enable growers to stay well-informed about changes in their fields of any size and make timely farm management decisions.

EOSDA Crop Monitoring

Agriculture and other sectors worldwide are partnering with EOS Data Analytics to provide reliable satellite analytics data. The company developed EOSDA Crop Monitoring, an online platform for precision farming. It enables farmers, managers, agronomists, and other agri-business participants to improve their farmland management and make data-based decisions with the help of  satellite crop monitoring.

This all-in-one solution provides farmers with valuable features to detect the problems on time and prevent the crop loss. The values of vegetation indices and reliable satellite data enable crop health tracking and practical resource application. The users can also get information on soil moisture content thanks to the platform.

Growers can get a chance to reduce costs and save resources. They don’t have to guess where water, fertilizer, or pesticides are needed. The all-in-one platform by EOS Data Analytics provides the data for sufficient planning.

An accurate 14-day weather forecast helps growers to detect crop threats on time and take measures to protect them. With historical weather data available since 1979, growers can discover climate patterns that affect crops. The reliable weather data available in this crop monitoring system also helps to plan irrigation effectively and avoid water stress on plants.

The products by EOSDA are also beneficial for the agribusiness banking industry. This precision farming platform is also a tool to assess and manage credit risks. Thanks to EOSDA Crop Monitoring, banks can get comprehensive information about the farm based on historical and up-to-date data. It enables banks to decide about issuing a loan based on a farm’s profitability evaluation and information about its yield.

Partnership with EOSDA

During the last few years, EOSDA has been actively building a network of partners, collaborating with enterprises worldwide. Companies on different continents are distributing EOS Data Analytics solutions that help to produce more crops and lower the negative impact on the environment among their customers.

Successful cooperation requires careful preparation, after which agricultural enterprises can benefit from the partnership. Agri-businesses have to consider several points to build a long-term partnership with EOS Data Analytics successfully.

Comprehensive knowledge of the market and the study of competitors are essential for the company’s development and successful cooperation with others. The better a company knows local problems and market needs, the more accessible and more accurate EOS Data Analytics will be able to assess the potential success of a partnership. The company prefers to be aware of customer interactions and partner expansion plans.

Satellite analytics requires deep learning of the problem to be solved with their help. Deep knowledge of potential users is vital to find and offering an effective solution. The partner’s understanding plays an important role for the partnership with EOSDA whether the solution is suitable for its end users.

Different Data Formats to Expand Possibilities

Customers’ needs are changing, so the company continues to add new data formats and modes to improve its solutions through available features.

  • Zoning is available in the ISO-XML format. It is intended for customers whose machinery terminals support the specified format. It enables vehicles to apply fertilizers and seeds at a variable rate.
  • The variable level of detail is now available for vegetation maps. The maps from the precision farming platform can be exported as SHP files. It is compatible with Amazone, John Deere, and Trimble.
  • ISO-XML format for the Data Manager enables the data import from farming equipment to the platform in the specified format.
  • In Monitoring Mode, the users can apply the Full Screen mode.
  • The EOSDA Forest Monitoring also has a new Greenhouse Gas Monitoring feature.

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