Another Patience Jonathan: Zambia’s First Lady Weeps, Falls To Her Knees To Appeal Against Mysterious Gas Attacks


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For all her faults, former Nigerian First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan was credited for showing empathy for victims of tragedies.

In one particular instance in April 2014, following the infamous kidnap of the Chibok girls, the feisty First Lady could be seen crying on national TV.

The First Lady of Zambia, Esther Lungu, appears to be toeing this line.

In a video shared by Lusaka Times, Lungu can be seen shedding tears and going on her knees to beg for an end to mysterious gas attacks being perpetrated across the country.

BBC reported that police have been unable to catch those who have been targeting homes and schools by spraying victims with a gas that leaves them unconscious.

It is not clear what gas is being used in the attacks.

The First Lady was filmed on Tuesday telling a group of women, “I’m making an earnest appeal to the people that are behind this gassing – to an extent of gassing innocent schoolchildren, innocent families. It is indeed a shame.”

She then broke down in tears.

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