Every Nigerian guy must have these 8 fashion items


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Your shoes, your belts

Okay, let me make this clear–you cannot wear brown belt on a black shoe or the other way round; It is a fashion atrocity! Wearing black shoes and a black belt or brown on brown is a fashion fundamental and will complete your dapper look for any occasion, be it casual or formal. So, it is essential you have a pair of black leather shoes, a black leather belt and a brown bunch as well. Trust me, you would not regret this decision.


Get a suit that suits you

It is important that you have at least one suit specially made for you. Even if you hardly attend events that require you wear a suit, still get one as you can never tell the impromptu occasion that may come up that you will need it. If you need only one suit, it’s ideal to buy a black colored suit. Also, look out for a classic cut that hardly goes out of style but would only require you to change your shirt and tie for different events. Good idea, yes?

What tribe are you from?

These days, Nigerian men don’t play with their native attires at all, it is now a necessity to have at least one native attire in your wardrobe and yes, from all major tribes in Nigeria if possible. There are also tons of Nigerian fashion designers that are also making it impossible for you not to get at least one. Combining this attire with accessories just makes you look like you have plenty of ‘swag’ to distribute, this is story for another day though.

Time tells

Your wrist watch can tell us how classy you are. Having at least one really classy time piece of a neutral color is a must for men. It must not cost you a fortune though as there are many of average prices that are really cool as well. This just adds to your ‘swag’.

The jean movement

The number one reason why you should have this item is because it never goes out of fashion. It is like the item of all items, the god of clothing. It can be worn for anything, anytime, anywhere. It comes in many forms, textures, style, color…name it! It can be worn as a business casual, party, hang outs…anywhere. Having a couple of jeans in your wardrobe is a good investment because since the inception of jeans it has never gone out of style and would never, can i get an amen?!

You should have the casual and formal shirts

Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and co has made choosing a casual shirt quite simple. It is necessary to have these in your wardrobe for events. And also, the casual shirt. For me the white shirt is a classic (not because James Bond always wear it o) every man should have it and a few other colors to spice up your style.

Something in the smell

Smelling good does not just get you attracted to the ladies but it also says a lot about your hygiene. Invest in bottles of perfumes, colognes and body spray and watch where the scent will take you to.

Tie or bow

You need ties mostly for the office or corporate look, but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear it for an event. However, bow ties are for events and special outings. So start collecting those classy ties in order not to be caught unaware when you need them to go along with that suit. You could also go for diagonal stripe ties but remember to go for trendy styles and colors if you wear ties on a regular basis.





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