Ex-BBA Star Fires Back At Cyber Bullies


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EX-BBA star Huddah Monroe says she is sick and tired of people cyber-bullying her. She took to her Instagram yesterday to pour out her heart.

Former Big Brothers Africa star, Huddah Monroe has in an Instagram post opened up on cyber-bullying and its effect.

The ex-BBA star in the heart-wrenching post said she’s sick and tired of people cyber-bullying her.

Read what she wrote:

“I, Huddah Monroe.
I am known to live my life. I have no issues with anyone these days. Actually NEVER had issues with anyone unless you provoked me. HUDDAH has been the center of ridicule in ths country for so many years now. People wAke up and on their Whatsapp group all they discuss is Huddah …. Creating memes about me and things I haven’t said. Thank God for my THICK SKIN…. But I am a grown woman now , If you have issues with me . Call me , or DM and tell me what I have done to you . Or let us meet in person and state your issues with me and let’s deal with them like grown ups……Its 2016 and its high time people stopped tweeting shit about others and posting abuses on IG! Stop hiding behind your keypad abusing people . Stop being a coward . a keyboard hero and let us solve personal issues personally?”


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