Pandemonium as Ex-militants storm entrance to Akwa Ibom state government house


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Former Niger Delta militants blocked entrance to Akwa Ibom state government house for more than four hours

Ebong Friday, the leader of the ex-militants, explained the state government did not include them in the federal government amnesty programme

The Punch reports that over 200 militants arrived Willington Bassey Road that leads to the government house in six buses, chanting songs and carrying placards.

Some of the placards read: “We are tired of coming to this place”, “Please pay us our salaries”, “How can we be slaves in our state” among others.

After blocking the entrance to the government house, former militants did not allow any vehicles entry or exit from the place for many hours.

Meanwhile, Murtala Mani, the commissioner of police, called on the former militants to remain calm and be law abiding while pressing for their demands.

Mani assured ex-militants that Nigerian government would not allow them to suffer after laying down their arms and promised to take their complaints to the governor for action.

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