Ex-President Park questioned by prosecutors for 14 hrs

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The impeached South Korean President Park Geun Hye spent around 14 hours being interrogated by prosecutors on Tuesday, her lawyer said.

On March 10, the Constitutional Court upheld the impeachment in a unanimous 8–0 decision, terminating Park’s presidency.

That was the first time that a sitting president was removed from the office since the Sixth Republic of South Korea was set up after the country’s democratisation.



Park was the country’s first female president.

She was accused of bribery, abuse of power, coercion and leaking government secrets, in a corruption scandal that has engulfed the country.

She apologised to the Korean people as she arrived at the prosecutor’s office.

“I feel sorry to the public and I will faithfully go through the interrogation”, Park said.

Park was impeached on charges of colluding with close friend Choi Soon Sil to extort money from top South Korean companies, including Samsung, and for allowing her confidante to interfere with state affairs.



That impeachment removed the immunity that had protected Park from criminal prosecution.

Park’s impeachment, first rendered in December by South Korea’s National Assembly, was upheld on March 10 by the country’s Constitutional Court. (dpa (NAN)

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