Ex U.S. ambassador to Russia slams trump’s reaction on embassy staff cuts


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Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul on Friday harshly criticised President Donald Trump for his remarks about Russia’s recent expulsion of U.S. diplomats.

Mcfaul said Trump should have retaliated.

On Thursday, Trump expressed his gratitude toward Russian President Vladimir Putin for expelling 755 US diplomats from Russia, since the decision would help the government save money in the salary budget.

“One of the most embarrassing, unpatriotic, and uninformed comments our president has made (recently) …

“When Obama kicked out 35 Russian diplomats, Putin — a ‘strong’ leader admired by Trump — retaliated.

“In response, Trump did nothing. Weak,” McFaul posted on Twitter.



In a follow-up tweet, the former ambassador asked why Trump, taking into account his “admiration” for Putin, did not act in a similar manner of his counterpart by responding to Russia’s move.

“If Trump admires Putin, why doesnt he act like him? Putin didnt roll over when we kicked out 35 of his, but

Trump did in response to 755,” McFaul wrote on his Twitter page.

In December 2016, then President Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats and banned Russia from accessing two of its diplomatic compounds.

The decision came as a response to Russia’s alleged interference in the U.S. election, which Moscow has repeatedly denied.



In late July, Moscow announced that the diplomatic presence of the U.S. in Russia would be cut by 755 people to 455, the same number of diplomatic personnel that Russia currently has in the United States.

The Kremlin said it was a response to the 2016 ouster of 35 Russian diplomats and sanctions passed by the U.S.

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