EXPOSED: How Super Eagles Coach, Salisu Yusuf Received ‘Bribe’ to Feature Players at CHAN 2018


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There has been  an allegation leveled against the head coach of the Nigerian football team at the WAFU 2017 Tournament, Salisu Yusuf. He is alleged to have been receiving bribes to the tune of $1000 from Tiger to feature players, under the guise of an agent. The allegation has it that Salisu would use two players in the upcoming CHAN 2018 Tournament irrespective of their form and receive 15% of their sales.

According to news report that filtered in, the meeting that sealed off the agreement took place at the Visitor’s Lounge of the Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel, Sekondi-Takoradi.

The report further stated that Salisu, the head coach reached an agreement with Tiger at the Best Western Plus Atlantic Hotel, Sekondi-Takoradi, at the WAFU 2017 in Ghana, to feature Rabiu Ali, the Kano Pillars’ midfielder and Osas Okoro of Rangers International in the forthcoming CHAN 2018 Tournament in Morocco.

CHAN 2018
Coach Salisu Yusuf


Mr. Salisu gladly collected the $1000 with as he was also being assured of getting 15% from the sales of these football stars. In return, he promised that the players will be at CHAN.

The meeting was severally interjected by passersby and series of phone calls contains the following transcription between Tiger and the head coach who disguised as an agent.

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Tiger: We are closely watching two of your players.

Coach: (slightly bent towards Tiger, said) Uhh?

Tiger: I say we are monitoring two of your players.

Coach: Okay.

Tiger: Errm, two of your players. Errm, Moses (Osas) Okoro,

Tiger: Ali Rabiu, the number 10.

Coach: Okay.

Tiger: Yeah. We are seeing potentials in them and then, we have agencies that are looking at them too.

Coach: Alright.

Tiger: Yeah and we are aware that you have qualified for CHAN.

Coach: Yes.

Tiger: We are doing this to encourage you to take them to CHAN so we can also monitor them because we are also coming to CHAN.

Coach: Yeah (nods his head in agreement to what Tiger was saying and then the phone conversation continued). They will surely go to CHAN except things change tomorrow. We don’t pray that anything like injury or sickness would happen to them because they are first-team players.

Tiger: So, can we go to CHAN with you?

Coach: We are yet to know the venue where CHAN will take place. Whether Kenya or Morocco.

Tiger: I’m sure it will be in Kenya, one close source told me.

Coach: You see, for you to be active in football, you need to be consistent and in good form. If you are very consistent, you won’t have any problem.

Tiger: If you don’t mind, we can exchange contacts.

Coach: Okay. I have two phone  numbers, +2348102991960.

Tiger: (After entering the number) Okay. Yusuf. Coach Yusuf.

Coach: Yeah!

Immediately after exchanging the  phone numbers, Tiger issued the sum of $1,000 to Salisu

Coach: (appreciated the handout with laughter) Thank you.

Tiger: This is $,1000.

Coach: Okay. Don’t worry, okay. (They exchanged handshakes to seal their deal as they part ways)

Tiger: Ehh! So, if anything works out (Coach nods his head as he intently listens to Tiger) and those players get the contract, you would get 15% share of the contracts.

Coach:  That’s no problem. Then, they would be in CHAN. (They finally part ways).

well, Nigeria later lost to four goals to nothing to Morocco, the host.


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