Facebook: Assault, Sexual Misconduct Allegedly Trails Zuckerberg’s Family Office


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Facebook’s home office has said that most of the allegations brought against their “valuable employees” are “a collection of unfounded rumours, exaggerations, and half-truths”.



The spokesman for Mark Zuckerberg’s personal office, Ben LaBolt, who disclosed this said that the home office has been faced with several allegations of “physical assault, racism, transphobia and sexual harassment during the past three years, though none of these allegations were apparently “tested in court”,” according to Business Insider.



Sources who spoke with Business Insider hinted of “pervasive mistrust” within the Chan-Zuckerberg family office, and described “a startling pattern of allegations of misconduct made against multiple personal aides to one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in the world.”



The report disclosed one of the claims which involve the manager of Zuckerberg’s properties in Hawaii, Shawn Smith, who allegedly assaulted a 26-year old female assistant during a work event in December 2017.



The allegation was denied by smith and the claimant disclosed to the police later on that “she couldn’t remember exactly what happened to her that night”.



Smith’s allegation, alongside many others, have however not led to criminal charges as workers were reported to have said that Zuckerberg family office addressed the complaints in a “furtive and peremptory”, manner, and focused on “maintaining the Chan-Zuckerbergs’ obsessive privacy and lavish lifestyle than operating a professional work environment”.


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LaBolt said;

“We believe that these allegations have been advanced by a small group of disgruntled former employees who are attempting to defame the family office after the family office refused their demands for multi-million dollar payments following their separation of employment”, LaBolt declared.

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