Facebook Restricts Employees from Social and Political Debates


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Facebook has made move to ban its employees from taking part in social and political debates within the work place. This has come on the heels of several memos and other damaging information being leaked from the tech giant’s internal platform, Workplace by members of staff.

According to Facebook spokesperson, Joe Osborne, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has outlined plans to update internal discussion policies to curb his employees’ ability to contribute to social and political topics and making Facebook a neutral platform.

“What we’ve heard from our employees is that they want the option to join debates on social and political issues rather than see them unexpectedly in their work feed. We’re updating our employee policies and work tools to ensure our culture remains respectful and inclusive.” The Facebook spokesperson said.

Osborne said further that the new engagement rules will be applied to discussions around handling of politically sensitive content on the platform, assuring that the decision making process would not clog up other work related discussion.

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Facebook also said it was strengthening its harassment policy so that conversations can remain respectful while employees from minorities are well protected.

Facebook has always encouraged open debate among its employees and executive but frowns on those debates being taken outside of the company or leaked to the press.

This has happened as more employees continue to have a fall out of differences with Zuckerberg and proceed to leak details of internal company conversation to the press.

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