Facebook Sorry For Role In Sri Lanka’s Unrest, Violence Against Muslims

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Facebook has publicly apologized for its participation in the violent riot that took place in Sri Lanka in 2018, which resulted in at least 3 deaths and 20 injured.


Investigation into the riot confirmed that hate speech and rumours spread on the platform possibly led to violence against Muslims as a result of the anti-muslim rage that its contents stired up.


Report of the probe into it’s impact that led to the unrest which was released on Tuesday confirmed that it’s content “may have led to ‘offline’ violence”.


The investigation also suggested that the failure of Facebook to take down such content “resulted in hate speech and other forms of harassment remaining and even spreading”


However, in a statement released to Bloomberg News, the tech company said:


“We deplore the misuse of our platform. We recognize, and apologize for, the very real human rights impacts that resulted.”


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