FACT-CHECK: 6 Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry


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Feeling hungry is only very natural as this is the body’s response to lack of food.

However, some of us get hungry way more often than the average person would, leading you to ask questions like “am I even normal?”, “Is something wrong with my stomach?”, “why do I eat so much?”, ” I just ate, why do I still feel hungry?” , “why is my stomach growling again?” etc.

Well, if this is your plight, worry no more!

Brace up and prepare to learn because this article is just for you.


There are multiple possible explanations for that recurring feeling of hunger, let’s look at 6 of them.


Did you know that feelings of thirst can be mistaken for feelings of hunger? Therefore, not every ‘hunger’ you feel is actually hunger, sometimes your body just needs water.

Water has the ability to suppress hunger and so taking a glass or two frequently can greatly keep your food intake in check.


Another reason why you’re always hungry could be that your protein intake is too low. Protein plays a key role in regulating hunger hormones and suppressing appetite.

Protein rich food sources include fish, meat, poultry, eggs, yogurt etc.

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A diet rich in soluble fibers will greatly curb your appetite. This is because they slow down the stomach’s emptying time, taking longer to digest, all while inducing hunger-suppressing hormones and producing short-chain fatty acids.

Check your diet and observe if you take enough amounts of soluble fiber. Foods rich in soluble fiber include sweet potatoes and oats.


Always hungry? Getting inadequate sleep can trigger irregularities in your hunger hormone levels, leading to greater levels of hunger than normal. In addition, getting enough sleep will increase your leptin production, an hormone that induces feelings of fullness.

Take time to rest and enjoy a good night’s sleep!


Fat goes a long way in keeping you filled, so the next time you feel hungry too frequently it might just be that your diet is very low in fat. Try eating healthy-fat foods like eggs, full-fat yogurt, avocados, etc.


Studies have shown that fast eaters tend to possess bigger appetites and eat more than necessary – eating fast makes you chew less with little or no focus on the food, both of which can further aggravate your appetite.

Try eating more slowly and thoroughly, this gives your brain more time to recognize fullness signals and induce anti-hunger hormones.



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