Fallout of Brexit: Shocking Video Shows Youths Hurling Racial Abuse at Man In Manchester

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With the advent of Brexit- the trending abbreviation ofBritish Exit” there have been more and more reports of instances of racism in Britain.

A look at Twitter shows different accounts recounting tales of racial abuse that they either witnessed or were told about ever since Britain voted to leave the EU.

One of such instances occurred in Manchester a few days ago when a man tried to prevent some drunken youths from getting rowdy and scaring other passengers was racially abused.

When the man attempted reasoning with them, one of the youths responded “Get back to Africa! Get off the tram now. Bro, I ‘ll waste you. I ‘ll waste anyone and don’t chat sh*t when you are not even from England, you little f***king immigrant!”

The youths then went on to spill a drink on the man and some other passengers after the man reprimanded them. The youths were eventually chased off the tram.

According to Manchester Evening News, a woman who was on the tram and witnessed what happened said, “When I was there I knew it was going to get serious. This kind of incident is really happening. It needs to be noticed we don’t want these kind of incidents to keep happening. The three men got off the tram at Market Street and it stopped there.The women on the tram started crying. It was really horrible. When I was walking back to my work, I was crying all the way. I couldn’t control myself. I was feeling sad, I now feel scared coming to work. They were three boys, they weren’t very old. I am scared of travelling on my own, I feel scared for my children that it is not safe, I will not take them on the tram.”

You can see the video below.


Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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