Falz Forms ‘Political Party’, Delivers Presidential Address

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Popular Nigerian musician, Falz TheBahdGuy has formed an association called Sweet Boys Association (SBA) and delivered the presidential address.

Falz’s address was contained in a short funny video he shared on his Instagram page on Thursday.

He said,  “Honourable members of this association and beyond, our national anthem is on the way. I beckon on you to brace yourself because this one will be dirty. Secondly, we are not selling forms; our association membership is free. Beware of 419!

“Thirdly, it is with a genuine regret and utter most concern that I need to announce concerning individuals of general public posting and representing the association as though they are part of this association. They are using us to deceive and obtain favour from girls. Authority hereby denies and rebukes them; we know nothing concerning this. If you wish to join this association feel free: www.sweetboysassociation.com.”

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#SBA Presidential Address 🔈🔈🔈 @sweetboysassociation_ :: www.sweetboysassociation.com

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Falz is gradually cementing his place as a sociopolitical commentator in the mould of Fela with his brand of music; as his “This is Nigeria” music video attracted attention locally and internationally.

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