My Family Members Begged My Ex-Husband To Pay My Bride Price – Actress, Biodun Okeowo


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Nollywood actress, Biodun Okeowo has opened up on her reaction to the news of her ex-husband’s marriage to another woman.

The actress disclosed that she cried when she heard the news because she never believed he could pay anyone’s bride price as her family members were begging him to pay hers.

She said: “I don’t regret leaving my ex.

“The only day I felt bad and cried was the day I heard he has remarried. That he actually paid someone else’s bride price made me cry. In my case, my family members were begging him to come and pay.”

The actress further opened up on her current relationship status and noted that she’s in search of a certain type of man.

“The man must be God fearing. Any marriage that has sincere trust and God will survive. The problem with actresses and their
spouses is lack of trust. They feel whenever you step out for weeks for a shoot, some funny things happened along the way.

“The media too is not helping matters, they cook up all kinds of stories and your partner might swallow them hook, line and

“In fact, there was this story I read about myself that my ex-husband chased me out of his house because of infidelity. I was surprised because such a thing never happened. If it did, he wouldn’t have come back begging to reconcile with me. I never cheated on my ex for once. I might be temperamental but not a cheat. Those kinds of fake news break homes.”

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